The Boneyard

The Suhrheinrich Duplex
860 862 S. Kentucky Avenue

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Twentieth-century residential development entirely erased any evidence that, prior to 1913, this duplex together with the land on the east side of Kentucky Avenue (from Bayard park Drive to Washington Avenue) was the location of a brick manufactory. The business was owned and operated by the Suhrheinrich family. In 1902, under the management of brothers William, John and Herman, the works became a component of the new-formed Suhrheinrich-Kleymeyer Standard Brick Manufacturing Company, and continued in operation until the clay was exhausted in 1913. Residential development of the tract took place primarily in the 1920s. The Herman J. Suhrheinrich duplex was built in 1924 in the approximate location of a small company house he had lived in during the 1890s and early 1900s. Construction on his later house was done by independent contractor Jacob Schmidt for the Luhring Lumber Company, the supplier of the plans, lumber and millwork. The deep dark red Rugby brick, of course, came from one of the Standard�s several brick yards. Suhrheinrich and his wife, Clara, occupied the lower unit. From the vantage of their all-weather front porch, they could �watch the world go by� on Kentucky Avenue, and major city artery and, by 1926, part of the Chicago-to-Miami U.S. Highway 41. (The highway through Evansville was relocated several blocks to the east nearly forty years later)

Text Courtesy of the City of Evansville

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