The Boneyard

Niednagel Greenhouse and Cottage
750 752 S. Kentucky Avenue

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Rather than being a recent commercial intrusion amidst the surrounding 1920s housing stock, the horticulture activity on this corner property dates back to 1906. It marks the year that Curt Niednagel, the son of florist and greenhouse operator Julius Niednagel, set up his own floral establishment at this location on Kentucky Avenue, just south of his father's. The same year, the young Niednagel also married Clara Koob, and the couple made the cottage next door to the fledgling business their home for over two decades. In the early 1920s, after his father's death in 1917. Neidnagel and his brother, Emil, relocated the older firm to the Kentucky and Gum location. The little glass conservatory has been a fixture on the site since that time, serving as a picturesque advertisement for 'Julius Niednagel" and for that of its 1945 successor: "The Flower Shop" of Edgar Schmitt and his family. Regardless of changes in location, ownership or name, the present business can claim a continuous operation of nearly 150 years.
Text Courtesy of the City of Evansville

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