The Boneyard

Evansville's Junk Drawer
John Baburnich

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Eugene Carlile, Gunslinger and Evansville Policeman vs. "Two-Gun" Charlie Mangal 1957

Cooks Beer Advertisement

Hotel McCurdy Hotel Room

Negro League Baseball - Bosse Field

Kenny Lauer's Big Top Circus -Reading Club Certificate - 1968 - Presented by Maralyn Shaffer

H.L. Taylor - Tax Consultant - Calendar 1945
Lockyear's Business College

Village Saloon - 1980s - Matchbook
Evansville Model Muriel Lunger Caldemeyer Camay Soap Advertisement - Presented as "Mrs. Daniel F Caldemeyer"

Washington School - Class 1965-66

War Department Anti-Prostitution Movie 1919

Hadi Oriental Band

Worth's 16-passenger Motor car - "It is so simple that a child can handle it."

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