The Boneyard

Evansville's Junk Drawer
John Baburnich

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Uhl Beehive Jug

Delegate 10th Anniversary World War I Veterans Convention 1963

Ace Frehley Farewell Tour 2000

Bourbon Commission Livestock Business Card

Central High School 1955 Football Champions Pin

Mattingly's 23 Pennant

Graham Glass Company Paperweight

Honey Krust Bread Pinback

40th American Legion Convention Medallion 1958

Chamber of Commerce's 1st Annual Turtle Derby Program 1933

Clove Leaf Cafe matchbook Cover

Reitz Coach Herman Byers Pinback 1942-1968

Hotel McCurdy Bar Soap

Citizens Bank Radio Style Coin Bank

10K Gold 5 Year Pin National of Evansville

Deister, Ward, and Witcher - Oil Abstracters - Matchbook
*Editor's Note - Far less politically correct today, Girlie Art served as an advertising alternative to advertisers who
were worried about breeching community standards and laws with traditional photography.

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