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The 2003 Evvy Awards
Recognition for the Best, Worst, and Most Dubious Distinctions of Evansville in 2003.

Clouse to Louse
Attorney John Clouse, who's long enjoyed a reputation of integrity and honor, stands accused of obstruction of justice for allegedly destroying evidence against an alleged child molester.

What Were You Thinking? Award
Former Evansville Mayor Lloyd's appearance on Comedy Central's Daily Show ended up making the former mayor look rather silly. Words of Advice: If asked by your wife to appear on Jerry Springer ... don't go!

The Silliest Idea Award
Taxzapfel .

Worst Case of Civil Rights Violation.
John Blair was removed by police from the parade route of Vice President Cheney's visit to Evansville because a sign he was carrying didn't support the President's policy on energy.

Keep and Eye Out for the Warden.
While awaiting prison sentencing in Indiana, this southern Illinois man takes the award for knocking his eye out while working on a garage door and before he could retrieve the eye..his dog ate it.

Highway to Hell Award
The Lloyd Expressway continues to frustrate Evansville drivers and with a recent announcement of long term solutions, guarantees years of long lines and delays.

Good for Evansville Award
The collapse of the sale of WTVW-TV to the group that also owns WFIE-TV. For a city that experienced the loss of two newspapers, we need to be reminded that diversity of media ownership is a good thing.

That Explains It! Award Kentucky Wesleyan basketball program exposed for building a basketball dyasty with questionable transfer policies.

Dumbest Ass.
Hands down to the meth lab owner who cooked his meth in his car in the parking lot of a popular west side restaurant. While he enjoyed drinks in the bar, the smoke from his lab was noticed by the police.

Stupidest Ass.
The other meth cooker creep that almost blew up a west side hotel, including the guests.

Hot Profits and a Cold Heart
Energy giant Vectren stands accused of treating the people who are least able to pay rather badly.

And Give Up THAT Retirement Plan?
Congressman John Hostettler, a term limits candidate, who campaigned in his first election on a promise he'd serve only two terms, is now serving his fifth.

Loss to the Arts. Dick Engbers, who announced his retirement as Director of The Civic Theater, gave Evansville 30 years of excellent theater.

Best Public Service Televsion Show WNIN's Shively and Shoulders.

Those are our picks for 2003.

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