The Boneyard

Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Coliseum

Evansville, Indiana
NW Fourth and Court Streets

The Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Coliseum was erected in 1916-1917 as a tribute to the men of Vanderburgh County who fought in the Civil and Spanish-American Wars. The neo-classical coliseum was designed by Shopbell & Company and provided the community with its first modern facilty for conventions and other public gatherings. The ceremonial aspect of the building was heightened by placing the structure directly on axis with Fourth Street. The bronze sculptures flanking the entrance, entitled "Spirit of 1861," representing war and "Spirit of 1916," representing peace, were created by George H. Honig. The Coliseum still serves as a public gathering place hosting dances, concerts and most notably - Wednesday Night Wrestling

Produced by John Baburnich

The Evansville Boneyard - Fall 2010

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text courtesy of the City of Evansville

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